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Drowsy Driving - Recent Studies Confirm Danger

At this point, it's probably safe to say that the dangers of drunk driving are common knowledge. And over the last several years, the danger of distracted driving (texting or talking on the phone while behind the wheel) has become more and more well-known as well, with some states passing laws requiring hands-free kits and other measures.
Now several studies, including those published by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) and the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration's (NHTSA) have found that drowsy driving may be every bit as dangerous as driving drunk.
Over 10% of accidents may be due to driving while tired
The VTTI conducted a 100-car naturalistic driving survey suggesting that up to 12% of accidents and near misses may be related to drivers hitting the road while tired. One of the more surprising findings to me as an experienced auto accident attorney was that there were more fatigue-related accidents during the day than at night.
This study supports previous findings by the NHTSA that tired drivers are as unsafe as drunk drivers, and are causing increasing numbers of auto accidents resulting in personal injuries. According to an MSNBC report, the majority of the accident information in the NHTSA study was based on police reports and self-reports by drivers after the crash.
Quick fixes, long term solutions
One persistent issue in reducing the numbers of fatigue-related accidents is that drivers simply don't take the issue seriously, often continuing to drive even when they know they are tired or fighting to stay awake.
Suggested quick fixes for the drowsy driving problem include consuming caffeine and taking naps. As a long-time auto accident attorney, I would recommend more permanent solutions, like altering your overall sleeping habits and making healthy lifestyle changes.
The problem is simple, "sleepiness leads to crashes because it impairs elements of human performance that are critical to safe driving." The report notes three main impairments that lead to the majority of sleep-related car accidents resulting in personal injuries: slower reaction time, reduced vigilance, and deficits in information processing.
Although any driver may succumb to sleepiness at the wheel, both studies found that males in their late teens and twenties are at the greatest risk, followed by shift workers with irregular work hours. Operating a motor vehicle when your mind and body are in less than perfect condition is always a bad idea - and always avoidable. To combat the problem, the NHTSA has issued 138 driver fatigue-related safety recommendations in the hope that a public campaign against the problem will help elevate awareness and reduce the number of drowsy driving accidents.

Getting Additional Help To Improve Your Child's Studies

Perhaps your child is struggling in a certain subject, or you desire to see your offspring succeed in life, there could be a plethora of reasons why you may seek tutoring help for your kid. Parents generally start thinking seriously about additional educational services when they realize their child is seriously lacking in a particular subject, or when they want to prep up their college going adolescent son or daughter for a college entrance exam. There is an inherent desire on the parts of the parents to "do their bit" for their child's future. They would like to see him or her succeed in life, and put in enough efforts to accomplish their dreams of a successful life and a fruitful career for their child.
Tutoring trends in the recent times
Back in the "good old day" when education was simple and straightforward, it was much easier for teachers and parents to decide upon how to provide that "something extra" which could help a particular student to "click in". However, with the passage of time technology has affected education and the methods of teaching to a considerable extent. Educationists now have a wide range of options as to how tutoring can, and should, be provided to needy students. Gone are the days of personal face-to-face teaching - the newer methods are more subtle, and more varied. Perhaps the biggest deciding factors are technology and people's mindsets regarding what is education, and how it should be imparted to students. The internet has substantially changed traditional methods of teaching. Students can now study online using the internet. Moreover, with education now being considered as an industry, the field is become highly commercialized, with many online web portals offering online study courses - at a certain price. Students can also avail video and audio facilities to enhance their learning process. They can participate in online exams and evaluate their progress, and find where they lack in their studies. The biggest advantage offered is the convenience of time. You can study any time of the day or night as per your convenience and comfort levels. There are many options available.
Before deciding upon your tutoring options
Before you choose the tutoring options for your child, understand that each child is unique, and feels comfortable with his or her particular style of learning. What may be a perfect style for one student, may not work at all for another. You need to find out which particular style your child favors, and is comfortable with. The second issue is in deciding exactly what you plan to accomplish through the tutoring process. Do you aim to set up temporary learning facilities for your child so that he or she may clear the exams comfortably? Alternatively, do you have a more prolonged study program in mind for your kid? Education costs money. Do you have enough financial resources to continue with the teaching activities for a long time? It's worth considering the issue from different angles before deciding upon your educational options.

GED: Social Studies

The Social Studies section of the GED exam: Historical facts and dates!
Our advice: memorize a period in history from every era. (The Great Depression, PanAm Flight 103, Pearl Harbor, The Civil Rights Movement, or even the 9/11 attacks in NYC). World history is US History as far as America is concerned. The United States constantly enters into treaties of all kinds to resolve third world issues and debts. Economical Structure is also important to our survival. Equal distribution of the world's natural and manufactured resources is crucial to human co-existence.
Research political cartoons in your city newspaper. Often our government officials are labeled with certain personalities based on their political standing (democrat, republican, or conservative). It is important that you recognize the difference between national stereotypes and actual views of these officials. How else will we elect the persons we believe in the most? Studying U.S. History helps us understand the rights Americans value and the responsibilities of our democracy.
World History is an ongoing feud for the most power, intimidation, and respect. Studying World history helps us find the value of the past, in hopes of bettering the future. An implication is a hint toward a certain idea or concept. You can recognize Implications by facts and conclusions the writer points out.
Understanding how the government and political system work is the key in asserting our position as a free people. A FACT is information that actually occurred, and can be proven. An OPINION is an interpretation of something that may have happened. Political arguments are full of opinions. Although opinions are usually about facts, the are not always based on sound reasoning.
Comparing & Contrasting means to examine two or more things, understand how they are the same and different. Look for similarities and differences. Place the items in categories for comparison. When something doesn't make sense, you must identify the errors in reasoning of concepts. It is up to the reader or listener to note if reasoning has gone wrong and to reject conclusions based on faulty logic.
Economics is the study of the decisions involved in the ways goods and services are: produced, distributed, consumed and used. If we understand economics, we will be better consumers. Many of the choices we make involve Economics. Learning to spend the money we make wisely is what Good Economics is all about.
Understanding the Earth and its resources has always been essential to human survival. As humans, we need to know where to find water, places to grow food, and materials needed for shelter. Geography is the study of the physical and human environments; and how they affect each other. Knowing geography helps us understand the land we live on and how to make better use of it.
Maps give us info about land. This may include the way the land is shaped, location, direction, and distance. Also, the lands climate, resources, and population. Learning to read maps is crucial when traveling to not get lost. To find what is in a map, look at the title and symbols (legend). The Compass Rose displays the directions (north, south, east, and west)

Benefits of Social Studies

There are many benefits of social studies, which teachers should make clear when writing lesson plans. However, with educators specializing in very particular fields of education, it has caused many issues in the education system. Social studies is one field where some teachers lack the adequate knowledge to teach students. Social has many different areas of focuses including the following:
· Anthropology
· Archeology
· Geography
· History
· Economics
· Civics
· Political science
· Culture
· Sociology
These various areas all focus on how human behaviors work and how individuals interact with the world we live in along with the cultures that make up society. Understanding history allows our society to continue growing and build upon the information and education that is already out there.
Students that are not learning social will have difficulties when trying to find jobs and interacting with the culture they live in. Anthropology is one area that needs to be discussed as it shows information pertaining to the evolution of human life. This important field shows how the globe has been populated along with studying of the human body. It can be credited to aiding in modern forensics thanks to the study of human bones and the human body to understand cultural and racial differences.
Social studies is also based on the education of economics, law, and political science. This teaches children how wealth is distributed in the world along with global issues, which is among the benefits of social studies. The recent recession is living proof that our society needs to understand how our spending habits impact the country and the entire world. Students need to learn about inflation, recession, unemployment, investments, and taxation in order to become contributing members of society. Law is another very important subject matter that our children must understand. It is needed to know the laws of your country in order to live by them. How does law enforcement work? How do I impact the city I live in? These are just some of the questions that will be answered when a student is able to spend time learning social studies.
How about understanding how life forms on our planet? This is another type of social studies called geography. Understanding geography helps to understand weather patterns, earthquakes, and many other things that can impact our lives in an instant. This is just one of the benefits of social studies.
There are many other areas of social studies and each of them has their own benefits. For instance, psychology, which is important to learn about to see how the human mind works. Students need to see how their brain works, especially as they are growing and dealing with things that can impact the chemicals and things in their bodies, which has a direct impact on their brain. Communication is another area that needs to be taught as it helps students learn how to communicate and to understand the language they speak.
With today's global society, there are many benefits of social studies. It will allow them to understand differences in all of the cultures that they are exposed to. It also allows them to understand behaviors along with what their role is in society and how their impact could change the world in some way. The main goal of social studies is to help students become responsible members of society, which will aid in reducing crime along with controlling debt. It will aid in increasing students knowledge of moral and ethical values in their lives, providing our country with a positive future, but only if teachers prepare well and create lesson plans that communicate these ideas.

Penis Extender Devices - Enlarge Your Penis From the Comfort of Your Home

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