Thursday, May 3, 2012

Scholarships Specific To Liberal And Professional Studies

The University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia is a great university to attend. Besides offering students a stellar education and the opportunity to earn a degree from a well-respected institution, the college also offers students with an array of scholarship opportunities in order to aid in their educational journey.

The University of Pennsylvania's College of Liberal and Professional Studies is one sector that offers students' scores of scholarship opportunities. One such scholarship program is the Bread Upon the Waters Scholarship. This particular program is a direct tuition grant made available to women over the age of 30, who are going to pursue an undergraduate degree in the liberal arts on a part-time basis. Eligible students are selected on an academic basis coupled with financial need.

Another scholarship within the College of Liberal and Professional Studies is the Nieberle Scholarship. This scholarship is geared specifically for students who graduated from Catholic high schools in the Delaware Valley of the surrounding Philadelphia region. These students must also want to pursue an undergraduate degree on a part-time study basis. Applicants of this scholarship must provide proof of graduation from a Catholic high school located in the greater Philadelphia area and are awarded by academic excellence and financial need. Students who are awarded this scholarship are able to take two liberal and professional studies courses in each of the fall and spring terms, as well as two courses in the field during the 12-week summer course program.

Drexel University also has a Dean's Scholarship for Graduates of the Community College of Philadelphia. Students who have completed a two-year program of study in the liberal arts and sciences at the Community College of Philadelphia are eligible for this scholarship. Students are awarded this scholarship on the foundation of academic superiority and financial need.

Kay Scholarships are another available to University of Pennsylvania students. This scholarship was put together by the Kay family and is awarded to students who are following a Bachelor of Arts degree. This scholarship also takes into consideration applicants who have a high academic standing and also requires students to be in need of financial assistance. Students who are awarded this scholarship are able to take two courses within the field of liberal and professional studies in the fall term, spring term, and summer term and may complete this cycle up until they complete between 32 to 36 course units within their liberal and professional studies major.

The University of Pennsylvania also has the Michael J. Murray Memorial Scholarship that was established within the College of Liberal and Professional Studies in remembrance of Michael J. Murray, a liberal and professional studies student from 2004. He left a strong imprint on the University through his work as the founder and president of the Liberal and Professional Studies Student Advisory Board. This particular scholarship is awarded to students pursuing an undergraduate degree within the college on a part-time basis. Students applying for this scholarship must be able to demonstrate their leadership and participation in community service, in addition to showcasing a commitment to continuing education.

There is also a Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship available to students. This scholarship is only awarded to students who were members of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society in a community college before transferring to University of Pennsylvania's College of Liberal and Professional Studies. This award, again, is based on proven academic success as well as the need for financial assistance.

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